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Some Poetry

It's been years since a I wrote a poem, so I'm rather rusty....I am not a poet so if it sucks, my sincerest apologies, but this was how my thoughts came out, so here it is:

A sigh escapes my lips,
As monotonous exhaustion
Cripples my soul.
My life, seemingly composed by
The same continuous song...
My Mind, dull
From lack of use,
I yearn
To move, to breathe, to think
As I desire...
So close and yet so far from comfort,
A tear trickles down into the
Swirling pool of Wishes,
Wishes...simply...to be... happy...

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Oh sweetie... it's beautiful.

I love you so much.

You're just saying that...anyway, what's up with you?

I'm NOT just saying that. There's a ton of emotion here. Riveting.

Not much, I'm finishing Kite Runner today. Don't have a ton of homework for a change. Just finished a wonderful H/D fic called Bond. I think I'll start another tonight.

What's up with you? Why didn't you call last night?

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