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wow 14 weeks huh
I can't believe it's been 14 weeks since I last posted....blah.....too long, not that I have much to say. It's incredible that I have all this clear thoughts that pass through my head, then when I am in front of the screen of the computer the thoughts are reduced to the image of blankness. Heh, life is crazy.....life will always be crazy....huh just had an idea.....ummm...let see..., first attempt in a long....long time, ten years in fact:

A sudden, crashing noise snaps Jordan awake. As she blinks away the blurriness of sleep, angry voices filters through her bedroom. Long used to the smashing noises and the angry voices that filled downstairs, she gets up and stumbles into her bathroom. The hurtful epithets that are being thrown around like poisoned darts to a relationship that has long since been dead, failed to passed through the detached haze that clung to Jordan as she took her bath and brushed her teeth. Stumbling back into her room, she pulled on the dark blue jeans, tank shirt, and a black over-sized jacket that was the staple to Jordan's everyday style. Finished dressing, she paused just long enough to grab her back bag, and slips out through her window, climbing down with a rope ladder that she had placed to avoid the mess downstairs that had become part of her everyday life. With a habitual nonchalance that irritates quite a few people, including the parents that Jordan no longer allows any influential effect in her life, she strolled down the street, hands in pocket, and without a single glance back to the emotional whirlwind of hate and bitterness that engulfs her family home.....

errrr....yeah....that it, wow, haven't exercised that brain muscle in a while....ouch...hehehe

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yeah that's a good idea....I'll do it....I have to do some research do....cause it will be a mordern day magick book....

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