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You Kiss Like a Woman
For you, kissing is a very personal act. It's all about making a connection.
You are somewhat picky about kissing, and a bad kiss can ruin the moment for you.

You prefer to take it slow with kissing. You find that attraction is strongest when it builds slowly.
Kissing is best when you already feel close to your partner. Kissing gets better with time.

errrr...well that's good to know... not that I already didn't know...I am definitely very picky about kissing.... if you can't kiss, me no want!!!

Anyway....human behavior never ceases to amaze me. I mean I've been missing my family like crazy, and when my sister finally comes to visit, all we do is fight. That's a serious reality check! heh....Besides that everything is going as planned....in a matter of weeks I will be on American land, specifically Californian..... I can't fucking wait!!! oh man..... 24-7 light, tv when I want to watch....everyday internet access....beautiful cold rains, grey murky glads with whispers of rays of light...and of course, most important, hear......

......I was typing that little thoughts when the computer crapped on me and closed off all the windows......

So, I been back in the states for a week now.....and I am sooo glad that I am back.... the thought of going back to Nigeria isn't going to be as hard as I think it will be....It was like coming back here reminded me, the purpose of me staying in Nigeria in the first place. I love Nigeria, it is the source of the blood that flows in my veins.....but it is not where my heart is..... Simply not the place where I want to spend the rest of my life... That's for sure....

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HAHA you kiss like a GIRL! *smacks self about the head to save you the time and energy*

I'm sorry I've been such a dumbass since you got back. I don't know what exactly is wrong with me these last couple of weeks. I've been doing so much better than this, I swear...

Anyhow, gonna do my best to stand up straight and make you proud. Yup. Just so.

As you were.

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