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The Number One
My first post, and I have to say, this is a lot like having to walk in a room full of strangers and having to make a stirring speech that make them call your name over and over again. Hehehehe, well perhaps not soo much. It's rather interesting for me though, to find myself introducing myself to an online community, something that I have avoided for many years. Never say never, I guess. I am not to keen too this introduction thing, after all it is a rather pointless, gigantic task to sum yourself in just a few phrases that would, hopefully, not bore people to death. Which, also, gives no real indication on who the person is, which is again is beside the point. My interests has also been pointed out in my profile, so perhaps I will rehash that subject on a later date. So, I am just going to pick up from the last thing that occured in my life that had any impact whatsoever. My best friend, who got me into this livejournal world (her livejournal name is not_a_lamb, but I shall dub her Notty Lamb, cause she is a rather naughty girl) took me to see the movie Lars and the Real Girl, which was an awesome movie. The whole trailer made it look like a strange comedy film, but it ended being rather a touching, endearing film about love, and overcoming the walls that stops you from interacting with the world in the way that you would want to, the way that you would need to. The acting was top notch, there was not anyone in that movie that gave a weak performance. But the main brilliant star was Ryan Gosling, who supposedly has a penchant for a playing damaged characters, was really effective as Lars. Anyway, I would rather not give away anything too much about the movie. But I would definitely recommend going to see it to anyone. Go watch this, and you will remember that going to the movies is fun, and not the money-grapping scam that it has now become.

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I'm so glad you're here! This is going to be great!

And remember that only people who have you friended can see your posts, so right now just me. But you'll make friends in the communities you joined today in no time. Just be active. Comment on other people's posts and (if you really like someone) ask them if it's okay to friend them. Everyone will say yes and most of them will friend you back. That's how you build your friendslist.

I'm so excited. I think that this is going to be really fun for you.

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